Our Transition

Our Transition

THE TRANSITION - All along, till 1962, churches were still under the Elim Missionary Assemblies and the International Pentecostal Assembly. But the political wind of change that was sweeping across the continent of Africa did not spare the work of P.E.F.A. which was still headquartered in Kenya. Soon there was agitation for independence. The Elim Fellowship Mission churches and the churches started by International Pentecostal Church of Christ (Formerly LP.A.) mission saw the need of relinquishing their authority and hand over power and control to the nationals under a new order of church leadership and administration. To do this, a P.E.F.A. Constitution was drafted in 1961 and was registered with the Kenya Government in 1962. It was at the home of the current General Secretary, Bishop Peter S. Deyahs, where the Constitution. was drafted. Witnessing the drafting of the Constitution, in his childhood, little did Bishop Deyahs know that in the future he would be in national leadership of the P.E.F.A. Church.

The Osborn Support - a catalyst for expansion: As the Lord called pioneer Evangelists to full time ministries, there was the need to find support as they went. The lL. Osborn Evangelistic Foundation (earlier known as lL. Osborn Evangelistic Association) started providing support from the year 1958. The foundation also provided P.A. systems, bicycles, Evangelism Van equipped with movie projectors. This support was not accepted in all the regions because in some quarters, it was felt that such a support would not allow churches to become self sufficient but would put them in complete dependency on foreign aid. This support did not continue for a long time for it was stopped in 1972. By this time many churches had been started by the pioneer Evangelists and other countries in Africa were reached by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

BIBLE TRAINING: While T.L. Osborn was providing support for National Missionaries, Rev. Mattson Boze and Rev. John Vick, both from the USA were conducting training for these national Evangelists, many among of whom had not been trained but had just obeyed the great Commission and went out to preach being endued with power but lacking regular education. But the Lord went with them performing signs and miracles and church were being added to the numbers.

The All Nations Bible Seminars was a short term Bible training program offering' theological training to Pastors who could not go for full-time regular residential training Bible schools. The late S. J. Westbury was the founder of the organization which trained many pastors from Africa from as early as 1962 - Kenya recording the highest number of those trained. Dr. Rev. Ron Westbury took over the reigns of training from his father in 1970 and conducted the training for over 25 years befo~e stopping in 2005. In total, the All Nations Bible Seminars trained national workers for over 40 year.
Leadership progression: The late Milburn J. Sickler became the first General Overseer of P.E.F.A. in 1962. It was in the same year, 1962, that P.E.F.A. was registered as a church by the Government of Kenya.

Rev. Milburn Sickler continued to lead P.E.F.A. after its registration in 1962 until 1966. In 1967 The Late Rev. Fredrick Mwawaza became the first African P.E.F.A. "President" (This title was abolished by the government of the day decreeing that the title was to be used for the Head of State only) and P.E.F.A.decided to use the title "General Overseer", the title is in use until now). Rev. Mwawaza served as the General Overseer until 1970 when he resigned from P.E.F.A a~d formed the organization known as 1.F.e.

The Late Milburn J, Sickler was returned again as the P.E.F.A. General Overseer in 1970 and led the organization until 1979 when the Late Rev. Erastus Otieno  took.the-reiqns of leadership in 1979.
Among the first leaders of P.E.F.A. in Africa are: The Late Rev. Fredrick Mwawaza- Kenya, the Late Rev. Isaac Waswa - Uganda, the late Rev. Rabii Amen Msami - Tanzania, the late Abel Gasirabo - Rwanda, the late Rev. Watuna Babunga - Burundi and the Late Rev. Aidin abala - Zaire.

The P.E.F.A. fraternity in Africa has an approximated membership of about 15,000 churches. - Zaire - about 8,000, Kenya - about 3,000 , Uganda about 600 churches, Tanzania - about 1,000 churches, Rwanda - about 20  churches, Burundi - about 100 churches. Other countries where P.E.F.A. is found  are Zanzibar, Cameroon, Zambia, Ethiopia and others. _ 

Who We Are

Our vision is to be A Church That Knows Christ and Makes Him Known To The World

Our Mission is to build and expand the Kingdom of God, by preaching and teaching the holistic Gospel of Jesus Christ for the transformation and fulfillment of lives. (Matt.28:18-20. We achieve this by:-
(i)   Multiplying healthy, Christ-centered congregations where God is worshipped and people are nurtured and helped to mature as followers of Jesus Christ.
(ii)   Providing sound biblical teaching through congregations, media and personal outreach in relevant, meaningful forms for people of diverse backgrounds and ages.
(iii)  Expressing the love of God to all through the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.
(iv)  Equipping people for Christian service so that the gospel can be known, understood, and experienced.
(v)   Sharing in the work of the gospel with the broader Christian community, acknowledging that we can learn from one another and that Christ’s love goes beyond denominational boundaries.

Commitment, Compassion, Competence, Innovation, Team Work, Transparency, Faith, Stewardship, Hope,Integrity, Service, Peace, Humanity & Accountability