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THE .PENTECOSTAL EVANGELISTIC FELLOWSHIP OF AFRICA (P.E.F.A.) developed from the partnership and merger of churches that had been founded by Elim Fellowship (formerly Elim Missionaries Assemblies, who's Headquarters are in Lima, New York, USA and the International Pentecostal Assemblies (now known as International Pentecostal Churches of Christ, who's Headquarters are located in London, Ohio, USA). These two missionary bodies agreed to unite their churches to form the Pentecostal Evangelistic Fellowship of Africa.

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P.E.F.A. in essence means: a vibrant Pentecostal Church where the ministry gifts of the Holy Spirit are in operation in the lives of the church members. It is an Evangelist Church, envisioned to preach the Full Gospel of Jesus Christ - salvation, healing and baptism of the Holy Spirit. It is also a church where believers fellowship together and recognize themselves as the very body of Jesus Christ. Last but not least, P.E.F.A. is a Continental Church that has spread its wings across the Continent of Africa. As this history is being written, P.E.F.A. Church has spread its wings to other countries of the world.

THE ROOTS OF P.E.F.A. clearly go back to the United States of America, finding its beginning with the former Elim Missionaries Evangelistic Association that was started by Apostle Ivan Q. Spencer of Lima, New York. Apostle Ivan Q. Spencer initially lived at a town Called Hornel N, Y, where God had given him the vision for World Evangelism. In the vision God had he saw a great army of missionaries being sent in all the corners of world from the humble town of Hornel.
These men and women would go under the powerful anointing of the Holy Spirit, and filled with the message of Christ as Savior, healer and baptizer in the Holy Spirit. Two locations in Kenya are identified as the legitimate birth places of P.E.F.A. - Bukuria Mission in Kuria being the birth place of Elim Churches and Kaimosi Mission being the birth place of I.P.A. Churches. Roy and Teresa Hill are the first missionaries who came to Tarang'anya in 1943 when Kenya was still under Colonial rule. The word "Tarang'anya" is a Kuria word which means "Light go away". Rev. Arthur Dodzweit and his wife May were the second missionary to come to Tarang'anya to join Roy and Teressa Hill. Rev. Arthur was a good electrician and he wired the whole mission station.
The great electricity light that would be turned on at night at the Mission station did not auger well with the locals who lived in the close vicinity of the mission station - Tarang'anya. The work of the light to drive away the darkness would not be quickly and easily welcome because it would expose some activities that were not in conformity with what the missionaries were preaching. And so, the name, "Tarang'anya" -meaning "Light go away" would be the good name for the new found missionary abode.